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Welcome to Clare Godleski Art

Clare Godleski has been teaching art to adults, children and seniors for 25+ years. Her innovative style of teaching in combination with a warm and supportive atmosphere for learning has taught many people to love the art of watercolor and mixed media. Creativity and imaginative thinking are her goals. Clare is continually educating herself because she believes you can never know all there is to know about watercolor and art.  She brings that yearning for learning to all of her classes.

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ART Events, Classes & Workshops

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Explore your Creativity with Watercolor and Mixed Media

Come explore the world of watercolor and mixed media with Clare Godleski, Artist and Teacher! Learn traditional and experimental techniques in a friendly, supportive atmosphere while painting the subjects you love. Watercolor and mixed media are a lifelong journey and there are so many fascinating things to know. Some of the journeys we will take include wet in wet painting, negative painting, composition and design, simplification, mixed media use, value study, color theory, unusual techniques, use of pens in paintings, leaving the white space and so much more! Subjects will include landscapes, still life, abstract and realism and more. Each class will include demos. You will paint your own original paintings. Imaginative thinking and creativity will be emphasized.  


Special Group Events and Mini Workshops
Clare specializes in creating classes suited for all levels and types of interest, including large groups. Organized church art events, women's groups, library events, corporate art team-building events and celebratory events such as birthday parties, girl's night/day out are just a few examples of individualized programming that can be created. These events are designed to create camaraderie among the participants while learning a new art skill. Relaxation, enjoyment and fun come naturally to the participants.


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