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About Clare Godleski Art

Inspired greatly by nature, Clare Godleski has been creating since she can remember. Living her life's passion as an artist each and everyday has been a blessing in her life. Simple everyday life starts a desire to get into the studio and begin creating.  She does not limit her subject matter or the media she uses.  Creativity is always her goal.  It is Clare's desire that you enjoy the vibrancy of the colors she uses in her paintings to stimulate your senses and set your imagination into motion.     

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Clare Godleski has been teaching art for over 25 years through many venues and to all ages. One of Clare's greatest pleasures is sharing her knowledge of art with others.  She teaches in her studios and other local venues and also travel teaches.  Clare also learns and is inspired by her students.  She especially enjoys helping others explore their creativity. Another of Clare’s specialties is developing innovative and creative art programming for large groups. 


Clare is a graduate of Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ. Further study has been at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, ArtCenter Sarasota, the Longboat Key Art Center, the Manatee Art Center, Brookdale Community College and Venice Art Center.  She has studied with many nationally known artists since she believes that you can never know enough about art and its forms.


Clare’s art has been shown and sold in exhibits and galleries.  She has won awards for her innovative art creations.  Her art also graces the homes of many collectors.  


Clare is devoted to her husband, Chet, who supports all of her artistic endeavors.  They have two married daughters, Valerie and Julia.  Spending time with her family brings joy and laughter to their lives.  Now, Clare also shares her love of art with her 9 grandchildren.


Clare is a very talented and patient instructor.   She takes special time to insure that her students are fully understanding the concepts and techniques required to be creative and develop quality work while having fun

V. Woods


Clare excels as a talented, creative, and communicative teacher of art.  She strives to inspire her students and to meet their needs.  She encourages her students to challenge themselves while teaching the skills to do so.  She meticulously prepares her workshops.  Clare provides a warm and supportive environment.

Kathy G


Class Sampler
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Painting with Watercolors


Watercolor is the most exciting medium because it always has a mind of it’s own.  It moves and blends in ways other painting mediums cannot.  The joy of watercolor is that it works with the artist to create unique and individual effects.  Once an artist learns how to control watercolor, the opportunities to create beautiful art is unlimited.


Learning watercolor with an experienced teacher is helpful and will eliminate frustration.  Basic skills such as negative painting, color theory, blending, masking, color washes and so much more are all part of the process of learning watercolor painting. Start your watercolor painting experience in the best way by signing up for instruction with Clare Godleski/Artist and Teacher

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Painting with Mixed Media


Mixed media paintings are very exciting to look at and create because they allow the artist to be intuitive and use every medium available.   Students are encouraged to create using watercolor, acrylics, modeling paste, gels, inks, stencils, hand dyed papers, calligraphy pens, brushes and markers and more to design colorful creative artwork.  Realistic and abstract art both benefit from the use of these materials.   Come explore your mixed media creativity with Clare

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